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    ¡¡Founded on September 12th, 2002, Jiangsu Sunchem New Materials Co., Ltd covers an area of 88,068.8M2 with registered capital of 150million RMB and locates in New Harbour City,Jiangyin, Jiangsu Province.We have 360,000tEPS annual production capacity. Our main product is EXPANDABLE ...

    Phone£º+86-510-86668666£¨Sales Hotline£©
         +86-510-86668616£¨Service Hotline£©
    E-mail£º[email protected]

    B1 Certification SDS Testing Report SGS Testing Report OXYGEN Testing Report
    UL Certification ISO Certification Japanese food certification VOC emission testing
    CTI testing report MSDS B1 level certification of combustion performance
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